Sunday, July 3, 2016

Perry Remembers Arlo

Right after Arlo died, Arlo's brother-in-law (my ex-husband) Perry tried to cheer me up with some funny memories of Arlo. Here is what he wrote:

"Just remembering some funny Arlo stories.

There was the time your father threw us out of the house, and we decide to spend the night in the shed. We asked Arlo to throw down a couple of blankets and pillows, and he proceeded to throw just about everything you owned out of the window. Went on for about an hour.

Then, there was the New Year's Eve when Arlo set every single alarm clock in the house to go off at midnight!!!

And the time he kept asking, about the Neil Young song: "Did he REALLY shoot his baby? Did he REALLY shoot his baby?"

There was also the time we were first watching Dark Star , and Arlo was there. In the movie, Talby is describing the Phoenix Asteroids. He says:"They only come around once every 3.8 trillion years!" And Arlo says, without missing a heartbeat, totally serious "How do they know??"

Gave us all a big laugh, as I recall. Just thought I would share those with you."

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