Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Whole Hog Catalog

 Arlo hand-wrote out his record collection on 10 pages of lined paper, then sent it to us. We traded songs back-and-forth for several years, building our collections.  For both Arlo & Perry music was the stuff of life - they both had keen ears for sound, and an appreciation for fine music. This was from the late 70s-early 80s (undated.

"Hi Deb & Gang,

Here are the tapes. I don't know "what  all you got" in records.  So, I'm not sure what I want recorded but for sure all of your Robert Klein and Wings Wild Life album. 

I haven't started taping yours yet except the two enclosed, which I guessed at.  But I've got another box of tapes, so as soon as I know what albums you want I'll start recording them.

I started listing everything last week, after talking to you and it took nearly 4 hours to get it all down.  I ended up with 149 artists and/or groups, which is more than  I had thought (and today I went out  to the used record store and bought more, which brings us to THE WHOLE HOG CATALOGUE.....a list of every record I own (so far).
The ones with asterisks are the ones  I just bought. 

I got my bike on Friday . The total cost was $558.08, which leaves me about $200. ahead (AAA paid me $740.).  I'm putting the remainder into fixing my truck up for vacation, as it looks like there'll be gas, after all. I filled the truck and the bike today, the car today, and only waited in line 10 minutes or less each time(but I'm still thinking about that electric moped).
Well, catch ya later.  I'm going to watch "Dummy".

Below:  One of 10 hand-written pages with Arlo's music selections.

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