Saturday, July 2, 2016

Music, Etc.- September 1979

"Hi Debbie,

I got the tapes and list, and I've listed what  I want on them, and elsewhere in this letter.
I guess you know I'm lousy at writing letters, but that's show biz, I guess.

Ben is running around like a headless chicken down here.  He and George  must be having a hell of a time. Ben seems to be quite the womanizer (But that's hardly news, I suppose). 

I've decided to drive the Chevy up, if that gas game doesn't start up again. It's a lot more comfortable than the truck, and the stereo sounds better.

When I talked to Steve (at Sue's wedding), he invited me to stay at his place when I came up.  I wonder if you could find out for me if it's still o.k.  Ask Steve or Annie to write me, or you can send me their address or phone number, and I'll ask.

I don't want to be staying there if there isn't room and or if they have made plans for about that time (I'm driving up the 13th or 14th). I guess I'm not too good at these things.

Does the Wings album have a warp in it? It doesn't keep constant speed, and it could be a warp or a bad tape, but the Robert Klein side sounds good.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say right now, except Love to All, and my writing is getting stiff, so I'll let you go, for now. 

P.S. Call me collect and let me know as soon as anything happens with Georgia and my niece/nephew."

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