Saturday, July 2, 2016

Human Resources Development Jobs

"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly & Nookie(?)
(Typical corny stereotyped beginning B.S. Lines)

Hello! (ahem). As a rule, I rarely (see never) write letters, but you S.O.B.'s don't have a phone, and since I'm sending Debbie a Birthday Card, I thought this might as well stow away in the envelope.

Well, that's about it, except that I got a job on Tuesday, the first step in earning an "honest" living. I registered Monday at H.R.D. for work as a deliveryman, Mechanic's Helper, or service station attendant.  On Tuesday, I got a job at a sheet metal fabrication company as a warehouseman, at $1.80 an hr (CHEAP). Now I know that you are going to credit this to the efficiency of the State Human Resources Development Dept., and it may be well-earned on their part, and I don't want to be discouraged from trying it out (you hear that, PERRY?), so I won't tell you that my getting the job had nothing to do with H.R.D.

But as long as I haven't told you, I will also not tell you that the Tuesday in question, my Gaffer (see "Stinko" * in Peeples vernacular) was doing a contract job at Acme Sheet Metal and Furnace Works, Inc., and when he was informed that there was a warehouseman position open, he recommended me, having remembered me from somewhere.

I didn't get there 'till nine, though, because the truck(see "Juggernaut") quit out from under me.

(I'm too cheap to use another sheet - turn the fucker (over) .

{P. 2 - continued)

in  an intersection on the way back from Susan's that morning.

The work isn't that bad, although the bosses are unbearable.

Well, that's about it, except that I should have the white tornado (see Pontiac) running on or before Christmas and will then, if not sooner, return your records.  At that same great event, I will also lend you my Beethoven's Nine Symphonies, and my "Man of La Mancha" soundtrack.
I have also set up my shortwave rig, and have been sending reception reports to the stations.  I have since received Q.S.L. (verification) cards from England, West Germany, Japan, Ecuador, Holland, and South Africa (and they still keep on coming).

You all people should get into the S.W.L. trip. It's really interesting (you've got until the 24th).  Well, folks, that's about it,  Except
With Love,
typical, corny, garden-variety stereotyped ending.

B.S.P.S. Happy Birthday, Debbie!!!!
typical corny, garden-variety corny, stereotyped post script."

* Lou Hagler (our father)

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