Saturday, July 2, 2016



"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly & Co.,

Much has happened lately and haven't had time to write much.  I'm now living (and working) at Heartwood College of the Natural Healing Arts, about 20 mi.east of G'ville.  I'm doing maintenance again, and enjoying it. The job pays $100.00 mo.($200. after 3 months) plus room & board, plus study opportunities - I can take classes when I have the time.

The courses offered here include massage(about half a dozen styles), Polarity, Hypnotherapy, nutrition, & related stuff, mostly under the misunderstood heading of "Holistic Health".  Lots of mind-opening experience here(lots of women, too). And any job with a sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool can't be all bad, either.

Of course I had to give up the cabin in Phillipsville (can't afford it), but I may have had to anyway, if I didn't find a job soon.

I had my phone moved up to Mom's place, so she's in touch with the world again. And I can still make calls on my "calling card", which is almost as good as having a phone, I guess.

The food here is all vegetarian/macrobiotic,which doesn't necessarily mean bland.  Breakfasts are usually my faves, tho' we often have Mexican-style food, and sometimes Oriental - they both lend themselves well to vegis.

After reading about your and Tom's problems with paroxysmal tachycardia, I have switched to decaffeinated coffee, a halfway measure, for sure. That 3% seems to be "enuff" though, and I've been sleeping better.  They don't serve it here, I have to grind & brew my own, but that's cool.  The way I figure it, if I give up caffeine in my coffee now, I won't have to give up chocolate later (it almost makes sense).  Have you tried Cafix? You brew it like coffee (also avail. as an instant). Almost tastes like it.  Like Postum, it's made w/grain, but tastes better than Postum. 

I wish Tom would take the warning a bit more seriously Me, I'd be scared s---less. I talked with Darry a couple of wks ago. Sounds positive, anyway. If positive thinking has any effect, he should last a long while.  Mike & I & possibly Joe. will be driving down at the end of the month, spend a weekend fishing or whatever.

Thanx for the pictures. I'll send some as soon as I get a camera. Lots of stuff here to photograph (it snowed here last week. Beautiful - to look at from inside, that is).

That's it for now. Tune in again next .......for continuing adventures of Holistic Maintenance man.
Arlo "

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