Saturday, July 2, 2016

Correspondence from Arlo - November 23, 1979

"High, Debbie!(?) 

I got your letter Saturday. I heard that it had been sent back the first time. That happened with a couple other letters, too.  Possibly a substitute mailman (Dayton Allen?) who couldn’t find the place.   

I’m watching “Turning Point” again (nothing else on).  The fight scene made the whole film. 

I’m doing o.k.  I’ve started Christmas shopping, hope to have it over with by the end of the month.

I gave out about $5.00 of candy on Halloween. The kids all thought my costume was hilarious (I was a “Gumby” from Monty Python).

Next year, I think I’ll just put a vending machine outside the door. 

Yeah, I saw a couple of segments of “Connections”.  It’s fun to watch, though sometimes a bit far-fetched.   

He proposed on one show that the introduction of currency somewhere in the Middle East led directly to the Manhattan Project. And it worked.   

Well, it’s Thursday night (Huh?) I had Thanksgiving dinner with Sue and Mike(no yams, dammit!). Sue did a good job on the turkey and stuff.  

Hey, if you’re looking for a good movie to see, well, I just saw the film version of “Quadrophenia” Tuesday night.

It was a free “sneak preview” showing put on by KMET, the station I listen to.  Sue sent for the tickets, for them and for me. The movie was great.

I definitely recommend it. It’s a good movie, it may be awhile before Showtime gets it. 

(Jazzbeau” – You mean Al Collins got another show?)  

Well, tomorrow I start my Christmas shopping. I would have started sooner, but what happened to your letter also happened to the Christmas Club check.  

I finally ran out of exciting things to say, so you’re off the hook, for now.

Tell everyone “High”, and everything. I’ll see you at Christmas.



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