Saturday, July 2, 2016

Contrary Woodrow

 I found this book on eBay, which I purchased simply for nostalgic reasons. It was my brother Arlo's favorite book as a child, and the only one he checked out of the library, to the point that he was upset when the book was not there. If he were alive, I would give this to him for his birthday, I think he'd like it. eBay is a great resource for some hard-to-find items!

Going to the library was always a treat, which became more rare for us as a family as time went on.  Our library in Pacifica is still there, 60 years later, on Hilton Way in Sharp Park.  We kids had our favorites - I had a few - "Black Beauty", "Tom Sawyer", and all of the Beatrix Potter stories. But Arlo had only one favorite - "Contrary Woodrow", by Sue Felt. 


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