Saturday, July 2, 2016

Also Call the Guv

From 1/31/86:

"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly, and Pets,
Hi!  Here is the tape. I am told that you can take a tape to most vid. stores and have copies made for about $3 plus cost of the cassette. I don't know that's wise with something taped off the air, tho' it's not for resale.

Anyway, I've enclosed $5.00. If it's more than that, let me know. Thanks again for taping this as I cannot find "Koyannisqatsi" anywhere else.

Was Perry able to use the bike? 

The enclosed letters are mucho important. Remember to fill in Legislator's name on top. The more letters the better, and self-written carry more weight. Also call the Guv at 916-445-2841. ALSO -ALSO - New Sinkyone Legislation needs support - more on that later.
Love, Etc., Arlo"

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