Saturday, July 2, 2016

Above All, Be Yourselves

"Dear Debbie & Fellow Peeples,

Hi. This is your Life (no, it's not. Take it back, 'til it's paid for).  

Arlo here with pen in hand, trying to write a letter(get the brain in gear steered in the right direction).

Things didn't work out on the Ridge; too much paranoia in the business. So I'm staying with G'pa 'til I can find a house worthy of my presence (and within my meager income). 

That may be soon, as one of the neighbors may be moving out soon. The owner of these cabins (His name is Steve Wilson) has hired my services from time-to-time as a maintenance/repairman, wants to have me move into the house after I fix the place up(have to be careful of this type of arrangement - been through that wringer before).  I f it works out, I'll get at least a month's "free" rent, in exchange for my work, in addition to semi-regular (at best) or occasional repair work on the other 5 units. Believe me, they need it.

I'm still working at the Recycling Center, too, 3 days a week, plus the Budget Committee, Policy Goals Committee, and whatnot.  The "whatnot" included spending last weekend (9/9, 10, 11) in Oregon for a Recycling conference.This was held at the Agate Beach Hilton in Newport, which is about 50 mi. south of Portland. Attended workshops on such subjects as Fundraising and Composting, not to mention Marketing and buy-back operations, mostly from Oregon, natch, but from several other areas as well, including Berkeley and Palo alto, both of which are heavily into it.

I wrote Nio last week. Asked her to send you a postcard. She sent me a "doce' de Laite" candy last month, a late b'day gift, I guess.  Sent her some pix cards from here (her b'day, 9/8). She graduated from college and is now working part-time for a basketball team from Zaire, as interpreter and receptionist, as well as her teaching job, so I guess she's not going anywhere for awhile.

Nio, Arlo's first wife
  Golden Bough are playing here next month. I went to a "jam night" at Pyramid Pins last night, officiated by a local guitar hero named Larry the Lazer(he's also an engineer at the local radio station). I finally got my nerve up after an hour or so, got my guitar out and joined them on stage.  I played, among others, my "recycled" song, which I wrote last month. They loved it!  Fair sized audience, about 30 people, & I was a hit!

  Larry has expressed interest in recording me on a couple of my songs; he'll play guitar and base, and produce it.  Sounds positive, yeah? He said that he can get a drummer, other musicians (his wife was there, plays flute & sings backing vocals), also another local, "Anna Banana", singer & plays excellent blues guitar, interested in backing me on guitar & vocal.  How's that for positive energy?  Trying not to get carried away as it's too soon to tell what's gonna come of all this, but looks promising.

Arlo performing, in later years.

Another thing I've gotten into is Acorn Alliance, a local Environmental Action group which recently sent some people to Livermore for the blade(Not me, folks - Civil disobedience ain't my cup of herbs).  I attend the meetings once a month and try to keep informed on what's what.  Occasionally, I help out in the office. Beats hanging out at the house on a nothing day.

Couple of weeks ago I went hiking with a group from Acorns and the Sinkyone Council through part of the Sinkyone Wilderness area, about 20 mi.west of here along the coast (enclosed info). for about 3 hours we "hiked" straight down through brush, bramble, & you -name it.  Messy but fun.It reminded me, more than anything else, of "our" gully in Westview.
At the bottom of the hillside (the area we hiked through was called "Little Jackass Canyon") was a small cove/beach, home of about 500 sea lions, who weren't at all happy to share "their" beachfront home w/16 strangers, but nevertheless obligingly moved off into the water, there to bark obscenities at us as we preceded to do what people do on beaches.

The area is f*cking beautiful, virtually untouched except where G.P. has begun to butcher it for chipboard.  This may be worth writing a few letters(me, I send postcards).
That's all for now, I guess. Hang loose, Folks, and, above all, be yourselves.

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