Monday, July 4, 2016

Annual Renewal

Recently, I got a renewal notice for my annual contribution to KMUD radio station. This is something that I contribute to, every was one of my brother Arlo's last requests of me.   Arlo passed away on October 5, 2002, at the age of 48, from stomach cancer. 

Arlo started KMUD radio in the mid-70s, as little hole-in-the-wall station, a dream of his since we were kids, building superheterodyne receivers from scratch, on breadboards (I can still smell the soldering fluid burning on the components), and then listening to XERB radio in Tijuana with Wolfman Jack's scream "XERB" in his gravelly delivery...but I digress. 

Arlo accomplished quite a lot in his 48 years, in spite of his beginnings, which were rough.  I won't go into details, as they were also my beginnings.  Suffice it to say, he overcame a great deal to realize his goals and his dreams, one of them being a little radio station of his own, which grew into what it is today.  He was instrumental in bringing many music acts into Humboldt County, and organizing events like the Kate Wolf Music Festival (now performed in part on the Arlo Hagler Memorial Stage - yes, my brother has a music stage named after him).

All of that is only an example of Arlo's contributions.  He was heavily involved in cleaning up the environment.  He worked for the Southern Humboldt Recycling Center, while hosting KMUD's Environment Show, with issues ranging from cleaning up our oceans, to forest destruction to be dealt with.  Saving the redwoods was one of his prime concerns, and he was instrumental in helping save the Sinkyone Wilderness from clear-cutting and development.  The the concept of clean energy was also a favorite topic.  It was on KMUD radio that Julia Butterfly's story first broke, the "girl in the tree" - who, for 738 days, lived in the canopy of an ancient redwood tree. She was called Luna, and wanted to help make the world aware of the plight of ancient forests.  She and Arlo were friends (I think he had a serious crush on her), and they shared a common mission.   So, there was more than entertainment in his programming - updates on community news, activities, environmental concerns and how his listeners could help, etc.   With his soothing deep voice, he kept his listeners tuned in.  My mom loved the show, never missed one. 

Arlo was the community's electrician, board certified, with his website "Watts Happening" to advertise his business (Arlo's Music website was called "Random Axxes", long before the television show "Random Axxes" came about).  The logo on his website was a dinosaur animated gif, with the line:"Dinosaurs Welcome". 

 He was excited about the possibilities of the internet, especially for artists.  It was the most positive take on what was considered the new frontier, when he wrote:

"This site is a companion to my radio program, RANDOM AXXES, aired weekly on our local community radio station, KMUD. The idea behind this web site is a simple one: to put the listener directly in touch with the artist(s). If there's something you heard on my show, something you like from a band you've never heard of, you can visit this site, find the song list for the show in question, and follow the link to that band's web site, or one of the web sites dedicated to that band (Often a fan site will be better than the 'official' site). Whenever possible, I encourage you, the listener, to buy direct from the artist. An ever-increasing number of musicians are taking to the Web, releasing  albums old and new through their own independent labels, thus bypassing the corporate record companies, commercial hype, and other barriers.  I see this as one of the highest possible uses for the Internet; Grass-Roots Cyberdistribution. Music by, and for, the people. That's the idea. Or maybe it's only Rock And Roll...Arlo Hagler"

 There was music and the station - which didn't pay in money - and then, there was his "day job", as an electrician.   Below:  A screenshot of Arlo's "Watt's Happening" website, which he created himself, leading with a line by Hunter Thompson, "Electricity is neutral. It doesn't want to kill you, but it will if you give it the chance."

At his memorial, I actually heard one tearful mourner who was going to re-wire her house or repair her appliances, now that Arlo was gone? That memorial was huge, held at Mateel Center in Redway, truly a Celebration of Life that went on for two days, with music, tributes, festivities, along with clouds of the "good stuff" wafting about.

Just a few of the many atendees at Arlo's memorial, Mateel Center.
The memorial actually started out as a benefit for Arlo while he was still alive, to help make expenses - Arlo had no medical insurance, which is part of why he waited so long to see a doctor about his stomach pains.  Always stoic - something we were taught to be - he took Rolaids, hoping the pains would subside. After he died, we found Rolaids and other antacids lying around his home.

Poster for the benefit, which was to help Arlo pay his medical bills.

Arlo was a performer himself, starting out in grade school, doing a solo of "Blue Moon" in our elementary school auditorium...that took guts!  He was brave, and seemingly unconcerned with the snickering of some of the kids.   Eventually, his voice changed, he took up guitar, and did some performing that actually earned him some money.  Not an egotist, he invited others to participate, and was great at promoting the work of many other artists.  If artists were going to have a performance - music or otherwise - in Humboldt County in the 70s-2000, "Random Axxes" was one of the of ways to announce that show. He also interviewed many musicians and others in the business.

When Arlo started out, his Garberville studio was barely the size of a broom closet, filled to the max with cassette tapes and records.  I took a pic of him during his show, as we were already anticipating the move to a larger studio in Redway.

As I look at KMUD's program line-up today, I see many changes from 12 years ago, only recognizing the "JoMama's Blues" slot.  The station has grown.  Arlo would be proud.  The last time I saw him - to say goodbye - he was concerned about the station, among other things.  He had so much left to do, he wasn’t finished, he told me.  Would KMUD survive?  Would his efforts towards improving our environment carry on?

Something I have never mentioned before, but appreciate as much a anything is Arlo's devotion to his family, in particular to our autistic brother Mark.  When everyone else was too busy or couldn't make it, Arlo visited Mark, took him out to eat, and met with Mark's caretakers.  He checked up on Mark regularly. He was there for my mom, who lived close by, and the rest of our family.  I'm sorry to say that we may have taken that for granted, as we never thought he would leave us.

My annual donation to KMUD is one of the small ways in which I contribute.  I think Arlo would be very happy that KMUD is thriving.  Arlo's dream lives on in the station that he started, through in the efforts of others who share that dream.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Perry Remembers Arlo

Right after Arlo died, Arlo's brother-in-law (my ex-husband) Perry tried to cheer me up with some funny memories of Arlo. Here is what he wrote:

"Just remembering some funny Arlo stories.

There was the time your father threw us out of the house, and we decide to spend the night in the shed. We asked Arlo to throw down a couple of blankets and pillows, and he proceeded to throw just about everything you owned out of the window. Went on for about an hour.

Then, there was the New Year's Eve when Arlo set every single alarm clock in the house to go off at midnight!!!

And the time he kept asking, about the Neil Young song: "Did he REALLY shoot his baby? Did he REALLY shoot his baby?"

There was also the time we were first watching Dark Star , and Arlo was there. In the movie, Talby is describing the Phoenix Asteroids. He says:"They only come around once every 3.8 trillion years!" And Arlo says, without missing a heartbeat, totally serious "How do they know??"

Gave us all a big laugh, as I recall. Just thought I would share those with you."

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mason Williams

From March, 1984:

"Dear Deb, Perry & Kelly;


Not a whole lot to say, but I wanted to send along this clipping from Eco-News (a monthly paper that I got from the Northcoast Environmental Center).  I've just added one more thing to my "When I get the money" list, a pair of scissors.

Didja get the Sinkyone flyer? I know how much you like writing letters, and it's a "worthy cause".  I run into a great deal of those in my present line of work.

I guess that's all for now.

P.S. Nothing else is happening, relative to everyday life, but everything's o.k.

P.P.S. Just got your note. Thanks for writing about 3934, my love to everybody


Not Much to Write About, but I'm Writing, Anyway

New Address
P.O. Box 1194
Redway, 95560

"Dear Debbie,

Not much to write about, but I'm writing anyway.  You've heard that Heather decided to stay in Berkeley, something which has had some impact. I've been self-administering isolation therapy (I live out in the house except the two days I have to be in town). I'm actually doing very well, better than I would have thought.

I've been out of work since August (it's o.k., it's only temporary!"); not being one to put all eggs in one basket, I've updated my resume', and sent out copies.  Meanwhile, I'm painting my landlord's house in exchange for rent.  That and 90.00 a week from unemployment, plus a monthly raid at the local food bank, seems to be enough to "get by", the normal state of affairs in which you generate almost  enough income to live on.

I have a friend who is very interested in your animals! Her name is Avery Watts.  She has 2 kids, 7 and 2 years old respectively, for whom she would prefer to get home-crafted gifts. Are you in a catalogue yet? Do you have a catalogue?   (I would also like to see more of those). She also has "fair" connections......

Part of the reason that my sudden "change of status" didn't damage me is having friends like Avery and her husband, Jim.)

That's all for this episode - Love, Arlo"



"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly & Co.,

Much has happened lately and haven't had time to write much.  I'm now living (and working) at Heartwood College of the Natural Healing Arts, about 20 mi.east of G'ville.  I'm doing maintenance again, and enjoying it. The job pays $100.00 mo.($200. after 3 months) plus room & board, plus study opportunities - I can take classes when I have the time.

The courses offered here include massage(about half a dozen styles), Polarity, Hypnotherapy, nutrition, & related stuff, mostly under the misunderstood heading of "Holistic Health".  Lots of mind-opening experience here(lots of women, too). And any job with a sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool can't be all bad, either.

Of course I had to give up the cabin in Phillipsville (can't afford it), but I may have had to anyway, if I didn't find a job soon.

I had my phone moved up to Mom's place, so she's in touch with the world again. And I can still make calls on my "calling card", which is almost as good as having a phone, I guess.

The food here is all vegetarian/macrobiotic,which doesn't necessarily mean bland.  Breakfasts are usually my faves, tho' we often have Mexican-style food, and sometimes Oriental - they both lend themselves well to vegis.

After reading about your and Tom's problems with paroxysmal tachycardia, I have switched to decaffeinated coffee, a halfway measure, for sure. That 3% seems to be "enuff" though, and I've been sleeping better.  They don't serve it here, I have to grind & brew my own, but that's cool.  The way I figure it, if I give up caffeine in my coffee now, I won't have to give up chocolate later (it almost makes sense).  Have you tried Cafix? You brew it like coffee (also avail. as an instant). Almost tastes like it.  Like Postum, it's made w/grain, but tastes better than Postum. 

I wish Tom would take the warning a bit more seriously Me, I'd be scared s---less. I talked with Darry a couple of wks ago. Sounds positive, anyway. If positive thinking has any effect, he should last a long while.  Mike & I & possibly Joe. will be driving down at the end of the month, spend a weekend fishing or whatever.

Thanx for the pictures. I'll send some as soon as I get a camera. Lots of stuff here to photograph (it snowed here last week. Beautiful - to look at from inside, that is).

That's it for now. Tune in again next .......for continuing adventures of Holistic Maintenance man.
Arlo "

 (Click on images below to enlarge them).

Above All, Be Yourselves

"Dear Debbie & Fellow Peeples,

Hi. This is your Life (no, it's not. Take it back, 'til it's paid for).  

Arlo here with pen in hand, trying to write a letter(get the brain in gear steered in the right direction).

Things didn't work out on the Ridge; too much paranoia in the business. So I'm staying with G'pa 'til I can find a house worthy of my presence (and within my meager income). 

That may be soon, as one of the neighbors may be moving out soon. The owner of these cabins (His name is Steve Wilson) has hired my services from time-to-time as a maintenance/repairman, wants to have me move into the house after I fix the place up(have to be careful of this type of arrangement - been through that wringer before).  I f it works out, I'll get at least a month's "free" rent, in exchange for my work, in addition to semi-regular (at best) or occasional repair work on the other 5 units. Believe me, they need it.

I'm still working at the Recycling Center, too, 3 days a week, plus the Budget Committee, Policy Goals Committee, and whatnot.  The "whatnot" included spending last weekend (9/9, 10, 11) in Oregon for a Recycling conference.This was held at the Agate Beach Hilton in Newport, which is about 50 mi. south of Portland. Attended workshops on such subjects as Fundraising and Composting, not to mention Marketing and buy-back operations, mostly from Oregon, natch, but from several other areas as well, including Berkeley and Palo alto, both of which are heavily into it.

I wrote Nio last week. Asked her to send you a postcard. She sent me a "doce' de Laite" candy last month, a late b'day gift, I guess.  Sent her some pix cards from here (her b'day, 9/8). She graduated from college and is now working part-time for a basketball team from Zaire, as interpreter and receptionist, as well as her teaching job, so I guess she's not going anywhere for awhile.

Nio, Arlo's first wife
  Golden Bough are playing here next month. I went to a "jam night" at Pyramid Pins last night, officiated by a local guitar hero named Larry the Lazer(he's also an engineer at the local radio station). I finally got my nerve up after an hour or so, got my guitar out and joined them on stage.  I played, among others, my "recycled" song, which I wrote last month. They loved it!  Fair sized audience, about 30 people, & I was a hit!

  Larry has expressed interest in recording me on a couple of my songs; he'll play guitar and base, and produce it.  Sounds positive, yeah? He said that he can get a drummer, other musicians (his wife was there, plays flute & sings backing vocals), also another local, "Anna Banana", singer & plays excellent blues guitar, interested in backing me on guitar & vocal.  How's that for positive energy?  Trying not to get carried away as it's too soon to tell what's gonna come of all this, but looks promising.

Arlo performing, in later years.

Another thing I've gotten into is Acorn Alliance, a local Environmental Action group which recently sent some people to Livermore for the blade(Not me, folks - Civil disobedience ain't my cup of herbs).  I attend the meetings once a month and try to keep informed on what's what.  Occasionally, I help out in the office. Beats hanging out at the house on a nothing day.

Couple of weeks ago I went hiking with a group from Acorns and the Sinkyone Council through part of the Sinkyone Wilderness area, about 20 mi.west of here along the coast (enclosed info). for about 3 hours we "hiked" straight down through brush, bramble, & you -name it.  Messy but fun.It reminded me, more than anything else, of "our" gully in Westview.
At the bottom of the hillside (the area we hiked through was called "Little Jackass Canyon") was a small cove/beach, home of about 500 sea lions, who weren't at all happy to share "their" beachfront home w/16 strangers, but nevertheless obligingly moved off into the water, there to bark obscenities at us as we preceded to do what people do on beaches.

The area is f*cking beautiful, virtually untouched except where G.P. has begun to butcher it for chipboard.  This may be worth writing a few letters(me, I send postcards).
That's all for now, I guess. Hang loose, Folks, and, above all, be yourselves.

(Click on images below, to make them larger.)

Also Call the Guv

From 1/31/86:

"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly, and Pets,
Hi!  Here is the tape. I am told that you can take a tape to most vid. stores and have copies made for about $3 plus cost of the cassette. I don't know that's wise with something taped off the air, tho' it's not for resale.

Anyway, I've enclosed $5.00. If it's more than that, let me know. Thanks again for taping this as I cannot find "Koyannisqatsi" anywhere else.

Was Perry able to use the bike? 

The enclosed letters are mucho important. Remember to fill in Legislator's name on top. The more letters the better, and self-written carry more weight. Also call the Guv at 916-445-2841. ALSO -ALSO - New Sinkyone Legislation needs support - more on that later.
Love, Etc., Arlo"

Human Resources Development Jobs

"Dear Debbie, Perry, Kelly & Nookie(?)
(Typical corny stereotyped beginning B.S. Lines)

Hello! (ahem). As a rule, I rarely (see never) write letters, but you S.O.B.'s don't have a phone, and since I'm sending Debbie a Birthday Card, I thought this might as well stow away in the envelope.

Well, that's about it, except that I got a job on Tuesday, the first step in earning an "honest" living. I registered Monday at H.R.D. for work as a deliveryman, Mechanic's Helper, or service station attendant.  On Tuesday, I got a job at a sheet metal fabrication company as a warehouseman, at $1.80 an hr (CHEAP). Now I know that you are going to credit this to the efficiency of the State Human Resources Development Dept., and it may be well-earned on their part, and I don't want to be discouraged from trying it out (you hear that, PERRY?), so I won't tell you that my getting the job had nothing to do with H.R.D.

But as long as I haven't told you, I will also not tell you that the Tuesday in question, my Gaffer (see "Stinko" * in Peeples vernacular) was doing a contract job at Acme Sheet Metal and Furnace Works, Inc., and when he was informed that there was a warehouseman position open, he recommended me, having remembered me from somewhere.

I didn't get there 'till nine, though, because the truck(see "Juggernaut") quit out from under me.

(I'm too cheap to use another sheet - turn the fucker (over) .

{P. 2 - continued)

in  an intersection on the way back from Susan's that morning.

The work isn't that bad, although the bosses are unbearable.

Well, that's about it, except that I should have the white tornado (see Pontiac) running on or before Christmas and will then, if not sooner, return your records.  At that same great event, I will also lend you my Beethoven's Nine Symphonies, and my "Man of La Mancha" soundtrack.
I have also set up my shortwave rig, and have been sending reception reports to the stations.  I have since received Q.S.L. (verification) cards from England, West Germany, Japan, Ecuador, Holland, and South Africa (and they still keep on coming).

You all people should get into the S.W.L. trip. It's really interesting (you've got until the 24th).  Well, folks, that's about it,  Except
With Love,
typical, corny, garden-variety stereotyped ending.

B.S.P.S. Happy Birthday, Debbie!!!!
typical corny, garden-variety corny, stereotyped post script."

* Lou Hagler (our father)

Music, Etc.- September 1979

"Hi Debbie,

I got the tapes and list, and I've listed what  I want on them, and elsewhere in this letter.
I guess you know I'm lousy at writing letters, but that's show biz, I guess.

Ben is running around like a headless chicken down here.  He and George  must be having a hell of a time. Ben seems to be quite the womanizer (But that's hardly news, I suppose). 

I've decided to drive the Chevy up, if that gas game doesn't start up again. It's a lot more comfortable than the truck, and the stereo sounds better.

When I talked to Steve (at Sue's wedding), he invited me to stay at his place when I came up.  I wonder if you could find out for me if it's still o.k.  Ask Steve or Annie to write me, or you can send me their address or phone number, and I'll ask.

I don't want to be staying there if there isn't room and or if they have made plans for about that time (I'm driving up the 13th or 14th). I guess I'm not too good at these things.

Does the Wings album have a warp in it? It doesn't keep constant speed, and it could be a warp or a bad tape, but the Robert Klein side sounds good.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say right now, except Love to All, and my writing is getting stiff, so I'll let you go, for now. 

P.S. Call me collect and let me know as soon as anything happens with Georgia and my niece/nephew."

The Whole Hog Catalog

 Arlo hand-wrote out his record collection on 10 pages of lined paper, then sent it to us. We traded songs back-and-forth for several years, building our collections.  For both Arlo & Perry music was the stuff of life - they both had keen ears for sound, and an appreciation for fine music. This was from the late 70s-early 80s (undated.

"Hi Deb & Gang,

Here are the tapes. I don't know "what  all you got" in records.  So, I'm not sure what I want recorded but for sure all of your Robert Klein and Wings Wild Life album. 

I haven't started taping yours yet except the two enclosed, which I guessed at.  But I've got another box of tapes, so as soon as I know what albums you want I'll start recording them.

I started listing everything last week, after talking to you and it took nearly 4 hours to get it all down.  I ended up with 149 artists and/or groups, which is more than  I had thought (and today I went out  to the used record store and bought more, which brings us to THE WHOLE HOG CATALOGUE.....a list of every record I own (so far).
The ones with asterisks are the ones  I just bought. 

I got my bike on Friday . The total cost was $558.08, which leaves me about $200. ahead (AAA paid me $740.).  I'm putting the remainder into fixing my truck up for vacation, as it looks like there'll be gas, after all. I filled the truck and the bike today, the car today, and only waited in line 10 minutes or less each time(but I'm still thinking about that electric moped).
Well, catch ya later.  I'm going to watch "Dummy".

Below:  One of 10 hand-written pages with Arlo's music selections.